Geopark Hiking Tour

Geopark Hiking Tour

This guided walk kicks off by heading along the High Island Reservoir route in the Sai Kung East Country Park, then continues to its easterly endpoint, where you’ll be able to check out the magnificent hexagonal volcanic column wall. For those who aren’t geology nerds, that’s a cool-shaped rock formation, and this is actually one of the world’s largest examples of hexagonal columnar jointing.

You’ll then walk back along the reservoir road and into Sai Kung Country Park. Both parts of the walk afford soothing views, whether it be the turquoise blue of the reservoir, or out to sea and the surrounding islands.

Following a lush green pathway used by bustling villagers many years ago, the tour will wrap up in the Sheng Yiu Hakka Village Museum, which is a small, carefully preserved village typical of the local area in times gone by.

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