Shing Mun Country Park

Shing Mun Country Park

By National Geographic

Shing Mun Country Park Located in the southwestern New Territories, Shing Mun Country Park offers ample opportunities to explore nature. Hiking around nearby Tai Mo Shan, visitors can see tall paperbark trees lining the paths and, occasionally, come across groups of wild monkeys. An overwintering site for migrating brush-footed butterflies, the park is also perfect for butterfly watching, particularly in autumn.

Butterfly Paradise
Butterfly Paradise

Migrating brush-footed butterflies winter in Shing Mun Country Park’s Butterfly Paradise. Commonly witnessed in the park are blue-spotted crows, glassy tigers and common tigers from the same butterfly family. Their beautiful but forbidding patterns are natural protection against predators.

Pineapple Dam Nature Trail
Pineapple Dam Nature Trail

Now a part of Shing Mun Reservoir, this dam used to be home to pineapple groves planted by Hakka villagers. Walking along the Nature Trail, visitors can enjoy picturesque views of Pineapple Dam and its 9 km-long catchwater, as well as catch sight of wild monkeys.

Paperbark Forest
Paperbark Forest

The region around the reservoir is also a designated tree-planting site. The Paperbark Forest is a favourite with visiting photographers. Among the most picturesque scenery of the area are sky-high treetops, reflections of the forest on the glassy surface of the reservoir, and rows of paperbark trees submerged in the water.

Main Dam
Main Dam

The construction of Shing Mun Reservoir was commissioned in 1923 and the dam took 14 years to complete. At 84 metres in height, its Main Dam is an impressive sight; of particular note is the dam’s distinctive bellmouth overflow device. The connected Lower Shing Mun Reservoir downstream catches overflowing water from the Main Dam.

Trip ideas:

  • Sunny afternoons are ideal for butterfly watching, from March to October.
  • The visitor centre provides a detailed introduction to the native monkeys. You can also learn more about the nearby military ruins and the abandoned mine with its tools and equipment. Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (except the first two days of Chinese New Year)
  • Don’t capture the butterflies.
  • Don’t tease or feed the monkeys. Keep your distance.
Tsuen Wan District
Starting point:
Shing Mun Reservoir (Pineapple Dam) minibus terminus
End point:
Shing Mun Reservoir (Pineapple Dam) minibus terminus
Average hiking time:
3 hours
About 9.7 km
There are no eateries or kiosks in the park.

Level paths throughout the area; suitable for all.
How to get there
To the starting point:
  • From MTR Tsuen Wan Station, Exit B1, take green minibus 82 on Shiu Wo Street for Shing Mun Reservoir.
  • From the end point:
    • From Shing Mun Reservoir (Pineapple Dam) minibus terminus, take green minibus 82 back to Shui Wo Street.
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