Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan

Lamma Island

Lamma Island mapFrom turquoise coves and traditional fishing villages to an environmentally friendly wind turbine, Lamma Island is a medley of hidden Hong Kong scenery.

Starting Point — Sok Kwu Wan
Sok Kwu Wan

Visitors are welcomed by a streetful of seafood restaurants and arts and crafts stores once they disembark at the pier.

Tin Hau Temple
Tin Hau Temple

This 150-year-old Tin Hau Temple is where local fishermen pray to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, for safety and fruitful returns before setting out to fish. Renovated after a fire in 2005, the temple houses a specimen of the world’s longest bony fish, giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne), discovered in 2001 in Lamma Island Strait.

Hilltop pavilion (Lamma Island Family Walk)
Hilltop pavilion

Following the Family Walk you will soon reach a pavilion. Take a break and enjoy the magnificent view of Aberdeen, Repulse Bay and Ocean Park across East Lamma Channel.

Hung Shing Yeh Beach
Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Fine sands, clear waters, beautiful sunshine and refreshing sea breeze — no wonder visitors and locals alike love to swim and sunbathe here!

Lamma Winds
Lamma Winds

After a 20-minute hike from Hung Shing Yeh Beach to the hilltop of Tai Ling, a giant wind turbine comes into sight. It is Hong Kong’s first commercial-scale wind turbine, providing electricity to local residents and reducing the amount of coal burnt for energy by about 350 tonnes annually. Walk up a small stairway to the pavilion nearby for an open view of both the Lamma Wind Turbine and Lamma Power Station.

End Point — Yung Shue Wan
Yung Shue Wan

Holiday rental flats, handicraft stores, bars, restaurants and cafes line the narrow streets of Yung Shue Wan. The village is a great hang-out for islanders and a colourful finale to your journey offering snacks and souvenirs before you hop on a ferry to Aberdeen and Central.

Trail photos provided by HK Discovery.

Islands District
Starting point:
Sok Kwu Wan
End point:
Yung Shue Wan Main Street
Average hiking time:
About 3 hours
Approximately 7 km
Replenishing stations:
There are a few booths selling herbal tea, soft drinks and snacks on the way but they usually only open during weekends. It’s better to stock up at Sok Kwu Wan, but please note that some restaurants may close on weekdays.
Moderate (Leveled path, a number of replenishment options)
How to get there
To the starting point:
Take a 30-minute ferry ride from Central Pier 4 (MTR Hong Kong Station Exit E1, walk through ifc mall and the footbridge) to Sok Kwu Wan.

From the end point:
Take a ferry from Yung Shue Wan pier to Central or Aberdeen. From here, public transport is available to other destinations.
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