Hiking Tips

Geological Landscapes (MacLehose Trail Sections 1 & 2)

Before the journey:

  • Carefully make a plan and familiarise yourself with the route.
  • Gauge whether your fitness level is appropriate for the route.
  • Inexperienced hikers should not go hiking alone.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions.
  • Wear appropriate gear and bring along extra clothing and supplies, such as hats, raincoats, windbreakers, maps, compasses, hiking sticks, water, food, electric torches, umbrellas, radios, first-aid kits, mobile phones etc.
  • Download the Safeguard HK, Security Bureau Mobile App. Hikers can register with their mobile phone number and switch on the hiker tracking function on the app. This enables the app to temporarily record and track the user's location using GPS for the next 24 hours to facilitate rescue operations should there be any accident.

 During the journey:

  • Pay attention to the signs and terrain along the route to ensure that you are on the right path. Always heed warning signs.
  • Remain alert to changes in the surrounding environment. In the event of bad weather, shorten or retreat from the hike.
  • Do not attempt to take any shortcuts alone.
  • Do not litter, and please take your garbage with you.
  • Protect the countryside and preserve natural landscapes. Don't vandalise natural features, pollute water, or destroy vegetation, wildlife and their living environment.
  • Do not pick or eat wild fruit or drink spring water.
  • Cooking or making fires is only permitted in designated areas. It is against the law to do so elsewhere, and could result in wildfires.
  • Do not stand on cliff edges or climb onto rocks.
  • Do not swim in reservoirs or at unmanned beaches.
  • Mobile phone coverage varies throughout Hong Kong’s trails. Poor coverage is especially likely to occur in eastern Sai Kung and northern Plover Cove.
  • In the event of an emergency, note the number of the nearest distance post (e.g., M001), and call 112 or 999 or use the nearest emergency telephone.

For more details on hiking safety, please visit the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department website.

Useful telephone numbers:
24-hour emergency helpline 999 / 112
Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry +852 2815 6063
New World First Ferry +852 2131 8181
Hong Kong Observatory +852 1878 200
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department hotline +852 2418 9080

Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme
If you need to buy hiking or cycling gear in Hong Kong, look for sports goods and sportswear shops displaying the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme sign that you can trust for superb service with clearly displayed prices and product information. The QTS Scheme is also applicable to other retail shops, restaurants and visitor accommodation which have passed stringent annual assessments.