Touring the Bay Area

Take advantage of Hong Kong's easy access to its fascinating neighbouring cities in the Bay Area. Occupying the low-lying areas of the Pearl River estuary, the region is one of China's fastest developing and dynamic. The five principal destinations – Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Kaiping -- provide amazing contrasts with Hong Kong while offering their own unique culture and impressive sights and attractions. And, with convenient and comfortable means of transport, such as cross-border trains and ferries, it is easy to explore the interesting destinations of the Bay Area from Hong Kong.

Whisk off to the Mediterranean-like enclave of Macao, famous for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and historical monuments, world-class entertainment and exquisite Portuguese-Chinese cuisine. See the fast developing Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen just across the boundary of Hong Kong. There's also a lot to see and do in and around Guangzhou, the provincial capital. Kaiping is famous for its diaolou towers, which have made it a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visas are required for most nationalities to enter Mainland China. Visitors can book tours to neighbouring cities from hotel tour desks or concierges in Hong Kong. Tours booked this way will include a group visa.