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Chun Yeung Street (Wet Market)

Chun Yeung Street (Wet Market)

Hong Kong’s multitude of wet markets are windows into a vivid and timeless world of food shopping that refuses to be extinguished by modern supermarkets.

Of all the wet markets in the city, none offer as grand an entrance as the Chun Yeung Market. Hop on an eastbound tram heading towards the North Point tram terminus and, without warning, you’ll swing off the broad King’s Road onto a narrow street which is lined on either side with buzzy stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. Experience the sights and sounds of old-school market business in full swing.

Across from Chun Yeung Street you will find Marble Road, an open-air bazaar selling a wide array of merchandise, from clothing to accessories and household items at reasonable prices. Pop by for a feel of what everyday shopping is like in the area, and don’t miss the streets nearby that are also lined with local stores.

Chun Yeung Street, North Point, Hong Kong Island
How to get there

Take a tram to North Point at Causeway Bay

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