‘Wing Chun’ Kung Fu Experience Tour

‘Wing Chun’ Kung Fu Experience Tours

Any Bruce Lee fan will have a sense of the profound ties between Hong Kong and traditional Chinese martial arts. This tour gives you the chance to study the basic forms of wing chun, a set of techniques taken and adapted by the kung fu legend and international movie star. The lesson at the school of Yip Man Martial Arts Association is run by Master Sam Lau, a first generation student of Grandmaster Yip Man - Bruce Lee’s own mentor.

After your master class you will visit the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu‧Art‧Life exhibition, see the Bruce Lee statue at Avenue of Stars in Tsim Shan Tsui East and dine on dim sum.

If you’re a fan of kung fu, dying to imitate the legend himself or simply curious about a martial art that has taken the world by storm, this is the treat for you!

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