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It really is like gazing upon the ark itself, which is why the world's first full-size replica of Noah's Ark is popular with both international and local visitors. Located on Ma Wan Island, the distinctive ark on the waterfront overlooks the Rambler Channel and Tsing Ma Bridge. The attraction also has activities and exhibits that explore the unique history and culture of Ma Wan, making it a great destination for families. Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is a wonderful place for parents and children to bond in a comfortable, natural environment, where entertainment and education are combined in diverse activities that promote life, family, the earth and positive values.

Ark Garden
Visitors can view 67 pairs of life-sized animal sculptures up close.

Ark Expo
Ark Expo is an amazing multimedia experience with state-of-the-art facilities, including a wide-screen theatre, plus educational displays exhibiting the challenges the earth is facing. Do not miss the chance to experience animal encounters and a professional guided tour!

Solar Tower
Solar Tower, the learning adventure at Noah’s Ark, allows visitors to view activity on the surface of the sun in real time through a 350mm (just over a foot) diameter vacuum telescope, one of the largest professional vacuum solar telescopes in Southeast Asia.

Treasure House
Treasure House has 15 interactive games about life education, multiple intelligence development and liberal learning, offering a fun and new education experience for children.

Ark Life Education House
The Ark Life Education House is an interactive educational facility with innovative games that mirror the happiness and challenges of our varied journey through life. Come and give it a try!

Noah's Adventureland
The eight-metre Giant Swing, 3D Giant Ladder and other climbing games provide high-altitude excitement and thrills. (Minimum number of participants: 20; advanced booking is required)

Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort
Located on the top floor, Noah's Ark Hotel & Resort offers comfortable accommodation with deluxe rooms for two people and family rooms for four or eight people for a relaxing holiday. The hotel is just steps from the sandy Tung Wan Beach, which provides a restful environment away from the bustling city. The Harvest Restaurant in the hotel also offers guests great tasting international cuisine alongside spectacular views of Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge.

Solar Tower Camp
Amidst the park’s tranquil setting, Solar Tower Camp offers visitors a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a simpler way of life. The homey rooms can accommodate individual travellers or as many as 10 visitors.

Nature Garden (Ma Wan Park)
Nature Garden is another major attraction at Ma Wan Park. Thousands of native trees have been preserved here and the paths in the garden are terraced along natural landscapes. The Heritage Centre displays relics uncovered at Ma Wan.

33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan, New Territories
+852 3411 8888
How to get there
  • Ferry from Central Pier 2 (access via MTR Hong Kong Station Exit E pass through ifc mall) to Park Island (the journey takes about 20 minutes). Walk to the Pak Lai Road then turn left to Pak Lam Road.
  • For further option and information, please click here
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