Nam Sang Wai

Nam Sang Wai

Nam Sang Wai map Nam Sang Wai is the perfect choice for a fun, hassle-free half-day trip out of the city. Check out the thriving wetland wildlife, scenic woodland paths as well as the village-style cuisine. You’ll get much more out of this trip than just a great cycle!

Starting point — The Nam Sang Wai ferry
The Nam Sang Wai ferry

This ride starts on a ferry. Follow the road signs that read ‘Nam Sang Wai’ until you reach Nam Sang Wai Ferry Pier past a cluster of rustic village houses. Here, you’ll find the only river-crossing ferry in Hong Kong. It carries passengers across Shan Pui River, which runs through Nam Sang Wai from Yuen Long town centre.

River Red Gums
River Red Gums

Cycle along the corridor of River Red Gums. These trees are native to Australia and are famous for their refreshing lemon scent. They were introduced here for forestation decades ago. Enjoy the shade, the soft breeze and the sound of nature as you ride. Stop by the small wooden platform along the cycling trail to enjoy the lovely view of lush hills, reeds and the mirror-like pond.

The glade
The glade

Ride for around 15 minutes along the River Red Gum path, which opens up to a boulevard of Chinese Banyan. Butterflies and dragonflies of all sizes and colours thrive in the woodland. At the end of the road is an opening in the woodland with a large soft bed of grass. This is a nice secluded spot for family picnics and kite flying.

Nam Sang Wai Road
Nam Sang Wai Road

Nam Sang Wai Road is accessible from the glade. The urban view of Shan Pui River and Yuen Long town come into view behind the trees  – the juxtaposition of urban and rural landscapes being a unique feature of Hong Kong. You’ll find little egrets, grey herons and many other local or migrating birds feeding on the mudflats against the backdrop of the city. Some parts of this channel used to be fishponds for aquaculture use and are of high ecological value, as they form a wetland habitat for wildlife. There is a bird-viewing area at the northern tip of Nam Sang Wai where you can also see a vast patch of mangrove that shelters the coastal area from wave erosion. If you’re lucky, you may even find elusive checkered keelbacks and many-banded kraits. Check out the display boards along the Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail to learn more about the relationship between urban development and local biodiversity.

Fishpond Education Kiosk
Fishpond Education Kiosk

Ride along Kam Tin River for another seven minutes. The Fishpond Education Kiosk has an exhibition of fish-farming tools, facilities and old photos showcasing the former prosperity of the local fishery industry. You can also enjoy local village-style banquets and organic vegetables grown by villagers in the several cafés along the river.

End point — Yuen Long town
Yuen Long town

Continue on Nam Sang Wai Road, then onto cycling tracks to get back to Yuen Long town centre. Here you can further explore the vibrant neighbourhood and its food, shopping and culture.

Trail photos provided by HK Discovery.

Yuen Long District
Starting point:
The Nam Sang Wai ferry
End point:
Yuen Long town centre
Average cycling time:
About 2 hours
Approximately 7 km
Replenishing stations:
There are numerous cafés and stores selling snacks, noodles and drinks along the cycling trail.
Bike Rental:
There are several bike rental shops to choose from in the area close to Fung Cheung Road Garden, south of MTR Yuen Long Station Exit E, through Sun Yuen Long Centre and across the footbridge.
Well-paved and flat cycling trails often under shelter; a short ride with replenishments available
How to get there
To the starting point:
From MTR Yuen Long Station, head to Nam Sang Wai Ferry Pier located at the end of Shan Pui Road. Most of the path is a cycling trail. Take the rowing ferry to get you and your bike across the river for HK$7. You can ride along Nam Sang Wai Road which surrounds Nam Sang Wai. For enquiries, please call +852 9316 5995.

From the end point:
At the end of Nam Sang Wai Road, turn into Ho Chau Road and then Long Wo Road. Continue to Yuen Long town centre to return your bike. Head to MTR Yuen Long Station for other destinations.
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