Hong Kong Asia's World City



Crumbling walled villages, creaky Victorian mansions and thousands of years of folklore populated with ghosts, ghouls and demons are not the only reason Hong Kong is a great Halloween destination. The city’s unique history as a place where East meets West means that European festivals, including Halloween, are deeply entrenched in its cultural fabric. 

In the fast-paced, hard-working society of Hong Kong, locals love to don a disguise and let their hair down. And the city’s reputation for Halloween festivities — from decorated shopping malls and themed menus to raucous street parties and elaborate theme park celebrations — has made it one of the most popular places in Asia to party on All Hallows’ Eve.

So grab your disguise, get on your broomstick and head to Hong Kong for a howling good time this October! Enjoy awesome bites and terrific fun with stunning happenings all over town, including: