Petty Person Beating

Petty Person Beating Petty Person Beating Petty Person Beating

Demanding boss, troublesome neighbour or annoying customer – now you can give that petty person holding you back a good pasting without having to do time for assault.

In Causeway Bay, the flyover known as Ngo Keng Kiu passes over a three-way junction, making it the ideal feng shui spot for dispelling evil. It is here that Hong Kong’s ‘professional beaters’ gather. Don’t waste time waiting for tattooed heavies to show up; these fighters come in the form of old ladies. Just tell one who the person holding you back is and she’ll light some incense, make cut-outs of a paper tiger and  beat the ‘petty person’ out of your life with her shoe. This ritual is considered to be more effective on Jing Zhe; – the first thunder of the year as predicted by the lunar calendar.

Drop by for a taste of Hong Kong’s living culture – ancient traditions alive and kicking, and surrounded by monuments to modern consumerism in the city’s commercial district.

Junction of Hennessy Road and Canal Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
How to get there
MTR Causeway Bay Station, Exit A. Walk along Canal Road for about five minutes.
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