The Blue House Cluster

The Blue House

The Blue House Cluster consists of three interconnected buildings: Blue House, Yellow House, and Orange House. It is the recipient of the Award of Excellence in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2017.

The Blue House is a four-storey Lingnan-style house built in the 1920s with a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural features. The distinctive blue colour was not a deliberate aesthetic decision — the decorators only had blue paint, so a blue house it became. In the 1950s and 1960s, kung fu master Wong Fei-hung’s student Lam Sai-wing and his nephew launched their kung fu studio here.

The Yellow House is home to three-storey-high shophouses built in the 1920s. Together with Blue House, it is home to the Hong Kong House of Stories, which hosts exhibitions that introduce visitors to the community and showcase the history and architectural features of the Blue House Cluster.

The Orange House is a four-storey domestic building built in the 1950s that was once used as a timber yard. Built of reinforced concrete, it is the perfect example of a typical 1960s tenement house.

Both the original and new tenants reside in the buildings, which have been renovated and furnished with new lifts and toilets. The cluster is now a multi-functional complex with residential units as well as community centres.

72, 72A, 74 & 74A Stone Nullah Lane (Blue House)
2, 4, 6 & 8 Hing Wan Street (Yellow House), 8 King Sing Street (Orange House), Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island
+852 2117 5843
How to get there
MTR Wan Chai Station, Exit A3. Walk along Tai Yuen Street to Queen's Road East, then turn left onto Stone Nullah Lane.
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