Tin Hau Temple at Shau Kei Wan

Tin Hau Temple at Shau Kei Wan

Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea, is revered by fishermen and anyone whose life and destiny is tied to the sea. Temples that honour her are found in abundance in Chinese coastal communities throughout Asia. Hong Kong is no exception.

This small Tin Hau Temple in Shau Kei Wan dates back to 1873, when it was built by local fishermen and businessmen. Soon after it opened, a massive typhoon slammed into Hong Kong, and while the temple was all but destroyed, Shau Kei Wan oddly remained the least affected area of the city. The locals believed that Tin Hau absorbed the destruction of the storm, sacrificing herself to protect the people in the area. They then rebuilt the temple to honour her bravery.

Be sure to check out the pair of stone lions located outside the temple, and inside you’ll find a collection of well-preserved murals, woodcarvings and Shek Wan pottery.

53 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong Island
+852 2569 1264
How to get there
MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit B1, walk for about five minutes along Shau Kei Wan Main Street East.
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