Golden Flower Shrine

Golden Flower Shrine

Worshippers believe that Lady Golden Flower can grant many generations of descendants. This Peng Chau temple is dedicated to Lady (or Goddess) Golden Flower and celebrates not only her festival but the popular Bodhisattva Festival.

According to local legend, the head priest of the temple and Kwan Tak-hing, a famous Cantonese opera performer, both met the goddess in their dreams. On her festival date, which is the 17th day of the fourth month on the lunar calendar, the temple comes to life with colourful dragon and lion dances.

Inside the lane adjacent to Peng Chau Wing On Street
(at the left rear corner of the Tin Hau Temple), Peng Chau
How to get there
Walk from Peng Chau Ferry Pier for three minutes to Peng Chau Wing On Street; turn left at the Tin Hau Temple, then turn right into the lane adjacent to Peng Chau Wing On Street.
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