Hong Kong Asia's World City

Travel with Darley to Awe Inspiring Hong Kong!

Travels with Darley to Hong Kong

Learn why Hong Kong is called Asia’s World City with Darley Newman, the five-time Emmy nominated TV travel expert. Get insider secrets to the best sights, the variety of cuisine options, and the most exciting adventures to experience Hong Kong like a local. Let Darley be your ultimate Hong Kong guide!  CLICK HERE for videos and a very special Hong Kong experience.

Check your listings for an all new episode of "Travels with Darley: Hong Kong & Macao" and watch as Darley bungee jumps from the Macao Tower, the world’s highest commercial bungee, hikes in Hong Kong, drives across the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge, tries traditional dim sum and explores Cantonese cuisine and culture with Portuguese influences in Hong Kong and Macao.