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It’s All In the Family: A Close-Knit Food Community

It’s All In the Family: A Close-Knit Food Community
It’s All In the Family: A Close-Knit Food Community

Renee So is the current face of Kung Wo Beancurd Factory, an age-old institution specialising in tofu snacks and products that set up shop on Pei Ho Street in the 1960s. Renee’s parents took over the shop in 1997, keeping all its traditional recipes and operations intact.

After working at investment banks JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, Renee decided to leave her finance career behind and join the family business, dedicating herself to perfecting a quintessential Hong Kong food craft. She’s hoping to keep the art of tofu-making alive.

Kung Wo Beancurd Factory

“In the past decade, many traditional Hong Kong crafts have been gradually disappearing,” Renee says, “Because there are no successors and so on. But we persisted, and the media and online support we’ve gotten have kept our business in the spotlight.”

Traditional Hong Kong crafts

As to why customers keep coming back for Kung Wo’s specialties — especially the much-prized dou fu fa (tofu pudding dessert): “Our dou fu fa has a distinctive soybean fragrance, especially when eaten hot,” Renee explains. “From a piece of raw soybean to the finished product, it takes 11 to 13 hours of work to make it happen.”

dou fu fa

Having grown up on top of the Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po, Renee is no stranger to the neighbourhood. As a true local, she highly recommends eateries like Kwan Kee Store for its sticky pudding; Lau Sum Kee for its wonton noodles; and Wai Kee for its beef noodles. “We’re all friends, and these businesses have all contributed immensely to the Sham Shui Po food community.”

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