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Seafood Streets

Seafood Streets Seafood Streets

The pinnacle of Cantonese cooking is fresh seafood and Hong Kong has a well-earned reputation for the quality of its seafood restaurants. An especially interesting and enjoyable way to enjoy seafood here is to head out of the city and find a ‘seafood street’ — a cluster of seafood restaurants often found along a seafront or near a fish market. The restaurants will often have large tanks of live fish and crustaceans from which you can choose. In some cases, you can buy your fish fresh from a market or off a fishing boat and have a nearby restaurant prepare it for you.

Most seafood streets are found in the New Territories and on outlying islands. Some of the most popular include Lei Yue Mun in Kowloon, Sai Kung Seafood Street, Sok Wu Wan Village on Lamma Island and Pak She Praya Road on Cheung Chau.

Prices of seafood items are often charged by weight and can vary by season. Different restaurants use different systems to weigh the food, so be sure to confirm the price before ordering. Also, in situations where the fish is purchased outside the restaurant, such as in Lei Yue Mun, cooking charges are added to the price.